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We seek excellence and pioneering in the profession

(BOODAI & AL OMAR CPA ) B & O CPA was established in Saudi Arabia in 1991 as a specialized team of professional consultants, offering integrated high-quality professional solutions and services through its professional team and supported by global allies. The firm seeks excellence and pioneering in the profession by offering diversified professional services in accordance with the highest standards and methods along with timely presence and availability when needed.

B & O CPA’s specialized technical skills are employed in an integrated manner to ensure that business benefits to our clients are maximized. We are offering what we believe to be a unique set of skills and expertise through the delivery of high quality integrated advice to our clients.

Our strategy is to develop long-term relationships with our clients in which our overriding commitments to quality and added value become our hallmark. We believe that our strategy enables us to compete effectively in the markets.

Those are our primary objectives:


Focus effectively on understanding our clients’ needs, then delivering the services that meet them.


Maximize shareholder value by focusing on these key business issues where our skills and resources can deliver the greatest benefits to our clients.


Assist our clients to achieve business objectives, strengthen management and improve profitability.


Focus on the broader set of performance criteria than the traditional model of purely financial indices, we ensure that a strategic approach to financial management is adopted by focusing on the drivers of improving shareholder value.


B & O CPA is committed to challenging our personnel to maintain their own high standards in an environment that encourages the setting of higher goals and developing the ideas to achieve them.

Our professional personnel is handpicked, not only on the basis of outstanding academic achievement but for the qualities that show genuine concern and dedication to the firm’s future growth. All professional personnel participates in regular, ongoing associate training, seminars, continuing education programs, and conferences that keep us up-to-date on the changing economic scene.