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Human Resources Policies and Procedures

We have extensive experience in developing human resources policies and procedures manuals. Furthermore, we assist our clients in the implementation processes of these policies and procedures.

In preparing human resources policies and procedures, we cover all related areas to ensure efficient and effective human resources administration and control and a consistent administration of staff policies. These areas include, but not limited to:

  • Salary scale;
  • Manpower planning and recruitment;
  • Performance appraisal;
  • Promotion and merit increase;
  • Business travel;
  • Transfer of employees;
  • Attendance and leave administration;
  • Disciplinary control and grievance procedures;
  • Termination of service.

Strategic Restructuring and Performance Improvement

Strategic Restructuring is an increasingly global phenomenon. B & O CPA has undertaken a number of restructuring assignments over the past several years.

Our team can tackle the most complex financial and operational issues. Each engagement is led by the Firm's principals, who are actively involved in every step of the way. The client service team is staffed with a focused group of professionals who provide sound analysis, strategic recommendations, and leadership in each situation.

With the right advice, declining profitability and cash flow issues can be addressed long before a company finds itself in trouble. The experts at B & O CPA deliver operational performance improvement with the same results-oriented approach that is the benchmark of each of our many restructuring engagements.

Costing Systems

We have experience designed and implementation of costing systems for clients in both manufacturing and service industries.

Our professionals have developed traditional and activity based costing systems to several large companies.

Conversion To Closed Public Company

Undertaking all the legal procedures and follow ups to convert a company to a closed public company as per the royal decree No. M/6 dated 22/3/1385.

This includes

  1. Drafting the company’s articles of association
  2. Partners’ approval on the articles of association.
  3. Publishing the commercial name in the newspapers (Um Alqura & another local paper)
  4. Preparation of the resolution to establish the company and submitting it to the Ministry of commerce at Riyadh to obtain ministerial approval
  5. Follow up on the studying phases of the articles of association at the MOC and replying on inquiries thereon and discussing it with the MOC to provide appropriate legal solutions.
  6. Follow up on the articles of association after transfer to the public notary and coordination with the shareholders to sign it before the public notary.
  7. Publishing the summary of the articles of association in the newspapers (Um Alqura & another local paper).
  8. Registering the company at the commercial registrar after completing and submitting all procedures and information.

Financial Policies and Procedures

We have extensive experience in developing financial and accounting policies and procedures manuals. In this regard, we have successfully developed and ensured proper implementation of financial and accounting policies and procedures for many large organizations in various industries.

Our successful deliverables rendered in connection with the policies and procedures manuals were evidenced by reliability of reporting, yasmin compliance with the organization policies and regulations, effectiveness and efficiency of operations, effectiveness of control over activities and exceeding the client’s expectations and needs.